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Incidents 2019

13 JanThe Team were called by Cumbria Police to assist with a search for a missing person near Glasson, Solway. The team searched throughout the morning without success.
212 JanTwo walkers became disorientated, cold and wet in poor weather near the summit of High Stile, Buttermere. They were located using SARLOC and PhoneFind and given advice on the route off the hill. A party of Team members also went up their descent route to meet them and assisted them back to Buttermere.
319 JanA 58-year old female slipped and injured her ankle near the summit of Sale Fell. Team members treated her at the scene and stretchered her down to a NWAS road ambulance.
425 JanCMRT members assisted Wasdale MRT with locating four walkers near the summit of Scoat Fell, Ennerdale. After locating and assessing them, three were walked and one stretchered down into the Ennerdale valley where they met with friends for lifts home. Keswick MRT were also put on standby in case further assistance was needed.
528 JanTeam leaders were contacted when a number of vehicles became stranded on Newlands Pass in icy conditions. As there were no injuries and occupants were able to extract their vehicle or walk to safety no further action was taken.
612 FebKeswick MRT requested assistance with locating and evacuating a 19 year-old female who had suffered an ankle injury on Grisedale Pike, Braithwaite. Cockermouth team members attended and assisted Keswick team members with treating the casualty. SAR helicopter R199 attended from Prestwick, winched the casualty on board and transported him to Cumberland Infirmary Carlise.
712 FebWhilst assisting Keswick with callout 6, a call came in to assist a lone walker lost in mist near Great Gable. Members at base were able to speak with him by telephone and reassure him of his location. The walker then managed to relocate himself and complete his walk with no further assistance.
823 FebNWAS called the team when a vintage car overturned in Setmurthy Wood, trapping a passenger. Helimed H58 from GNAA attended, was able to treat the casualties and the team were stood down. M1 continued to the scene and assisted with a short stretcher carry.
93 MarThree team members rescued a sheep from ledges on High Crag, Buttermere, then made their way to assist with Callout 10.
103 MarTwo parties called in “shouts for help” on Anglers' Crag, Ennerdale. The team was called out but despite searching the area no casualties could be found. Hound trailing had taken place in the area earlier in the day and it is likely that shouts from this had been mistaken as shouts for help.
1121 MarA female in her 60's was knocked from the Buttermere Lakeshore path by a falling branch sustaining head and leg injuries. The team treated her at the scene then carried her to a waiting ambulance at Hassness House.
122 AprAn 18-year old male became lost near Dubs Hut, Buttermere. A search was planned, Keswick MRT were put on standby and the Search Dogs were called out. Team members commenced their search from Dubs Hut and soon found the missing male, uninjured but cold and wet.
137 AprThe Team were called by NWAS following reports of a 71-year old male collapsing at Blacksail YHA, Ennerdale. GNAA Helimed 58 also attended, and Team members assisted with a short stretcher carry to the helicopter. He was flown to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven.
1411 AprA 71 year-old female, walking with her grandson near Green Gable, developed severe cramp and was unable to continue. Team members went to her location and found she had started walking slowly towards Honister. She was accompanied back to Honister and driven to Cockermouth base to continue her onwards journey.
1514 AprTeam leaders were contacted when a mother became separated from her children during a walk on Mosser Fell. A small party of Team members set off from Cockermouth base, returning after a few minutes on hearing the news that the family had been reunited.
1622 AprA 19 year-old male injured his leg whilst moutain biking near Whin Fell, Lorton. Team members treated him at the scene and stretchered him to a NWAS road ambulance for onward transport to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.
1723 AprA 19 year-old male injured his leg whilst walking around Ennerdale Water. Team members treated him at the scene and stretchered him to a NWAS road ambulance for onward transport to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven.
184 MayCumbria Police requested assistance with evacuating a female casualty from the bank of the River Cocker in Cockermouth. Team members assisted and she was transferred to a waiting NWAS ambulance.
1912 MayA 67-year old male paraglider pilot sustained a leg injury during take-off on Swinside near Lorton. Team members treated him at the scene and stretchered him to a NWAS road ambulance. He was then taken to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven.
2016 MayA male mountain biker from the Netherlands fell from his bike near High Nook Farm, Loweswater, sustaining multiple injuries. GNAAS H58 were first on scene and CMRT members assisted with treating the casualty and carrying him to the helicopter. He was flown to the Royal Preston Hospital for further treatment.
2121 MayA 68-year old female injured her wrist whilst walking near Buttermere Lake. Team members treated her at the scene, walked her back to Buttermere and drove her to West Cumberland Infirmary, Whitehaven.
2221 MayA 71-year old female from Canada injured her ankle walking near Haystacks summit, Buttermere. Team members treated her and she was flown by SAR helicopter R936 to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.
232 JunA male walker reported himself lost and exhausted on a circular walk over Scafell Pike from Borrowdale. PhoneFind suggested he was near the Moses Trod path at the head of Ennerdale and a night-time search of that location and other major paths was started in poor weather. Keswick MRT also searched likely routes in Borrowdale. Nothing was found and the search was suspended until the morning. On resumption he was soon found at his vehicle having spent the night on the hill.
244 JunCockermouth Team members assisted Wasdale MRT and Duddon and Furness MRT with the recovery of the body of a walker from near Chambers Crag, Scafell Pike. SAR helicopter R936 from Caernarvon also assisted.
2511 JunThe team was called by NWAS to assist when a 75 year-old male suffered a leg injury near Gatesgarth, Buttermere. Team members attended and the casualty was transferred to an ambulance.
2616 JunTeam Leaders were alerted when a party of two males was reported overdue on a walk from Buttermere to Honister over Red Pike and Haystacks. The Team was put on standby and a search was planned. Fortunately they made their way safely to Borrowdale and phoned in before the Team was deployed.
2719 JunNWAS requested assistance with carrying a 79-year old male from the shore of Crummock Water. Team members went to the scene and assisted with carrying a stretcher to NWAA H08 from Blackpool, which flew the patient to the Royal Preston Hospital.
2821 JunThe team was called when a 60-year old female fell and hit her head near Scale Bridge, Buttermere. Whilst the team were responding she made her own way to Buttermere and the team were stood down.
2924 JunTeam leaders were contacted when two walkers were reported overdue on the Coast-to-Coast walk. Fortunately they soon turned up at their accommodation and no action was required.
3029 JunA 67-year old male walker sustained a head injury near Seat, Buttermere. Team members and NWAA helimed paramedics treated him at the scene. He was stretchered a short distance to Scarth Gap then flown to Preston Royal Hospital.
3114 JulTeam members assisted Cumbria Police with a search for a missing 91-year old male missing from Workington.
3215 JulTwo walkers became cragfast on steep ground near Anglers' Crag, Ennerdale and called for assistance. As Team members were making their way to Ennerdale the walkers managed to free themselves with assistance from some passers by and the team were stood down.

Incidents 2018

12 JanA 75-year-female walking with an organised group injured her ankle near Scale Force, Buttermere. The Team attended, treated her and stretchered her to a waiting NWAS road ambulance in Buttermere Village.
24 JanTwo walkers became lost in cloudy conditions near Graystones, Whinlatter and asked for assistance. A small Team started a search whilst a SARLOC fix was attempted. The SARLOC was successful and Team members met up with the missing walkers on Embleton High Common, then walked them back to their vehicle at Scawgill Bridge.
36 FebDuring snowy weather, the Team were asked by Cumbria Police to provide assistance at a road traffic accident on Steel Brow, Frizington. As Team members were assembling the incident was dealt with and the Team was stood down.
46 FebA holiday cottage owner from Lorton phoned the base, which is not normally manned, for advice regarding two overdue guests and happened to find a team member there. After contacting local pubs a couple matching their description was identified as recently having left and no further action was taken.
510 FebA 34-year-old walker from Workington was reported overdue on a walk around Buttermere. Team leaders left voicemails on his phone and sent a SARLOC message and within an hour he called back safe and well. No further action was required.
617 FebKeswick MRT asked for assistance with retrieving a dog, stuck in snowy conditions on a ledge near the top of Lonscale Fell. A rope system was rigged, the dog was retrieved and returned to its owners unharmed.
723 FebA 70-year-old male in a party of four fell and injured himself near the summit of Pillar mountain. The GNAA H58 attended and their crew accessed the casualty and advised that a winching helicopter would be required. The GNAA lifted CMRT members to the summit of Pillar to assist and Coastguard helicopter R199 attended from Prestwick, winched the casualty on board and transported him to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
824 FebThe Team was called to assist a lone walker, who had fallen a considerable distance down a steep and rocky snow slope below the Shamrock Traverse, Pillar mountain. Coastguard rescue helicopter R199 attended a local landing site, where a helicopter training session had just finished, and transported three team members to the scene. The casualty was treated and winched aboard then flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
91 MarAssistance was requested to help a NWAS ambulance crew access a property in the Wythop Mill area in snowy conditions. Team members and personnel from Cumbria Fire and Rescue assisted the crew.
101 MarCMRT provided transport for and support to District Nurses in the east of the county during the severe weather event.
111 MarTeam members undertook the transfer of a patient from the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle to the Cottage Hospital, Cockermouth. Due to deteriorating weather and road closures they had to return to the RVI and overnighted in Newcastle before successfully completing the transfer on 2nd March.
121 MarTeam members travelled again to the east of the county following reports of a stranded train near the A69. As members were travelling towards the scene they learned that Cumbria Police had arranged for another train to come to the scene so members were stood down and returned to base.
132 MarCMRT provided further support in the east of the county during the severe weather event.
144 MarAs the severe weather event continued, the Team were asked to provide members with skis and snowshoes who could access properties still cut off by snow. 10 CMRT members volunteered but were not required to deploy.
157 MarTwo walkers became lost in wintry weather and cloud between Scale Force waterfall and Red Pike summit, Buttermere, and asked for assistance. Two Teams started searching from the Buttermere and Ennerdale valleys and as they converged on the Red Pike Ridge, the walkers called in safe and well from Buttermere. Members then returned to their respective valleys.
1618 MarTeam members assisted Cumbria Police in the early morning with a search for a missing male in the Wigton area.
1718 MarNWAS requested assistance to carry a male casualty, who had been attacked by a ram in field near Cockermouth and sustained a knee injury, to their ambulance. A small team attended and stretchered the casualty to the road ambulance.
1813 AprThe Team was called to assist a 55-year old female walker, who had fallen whilst descending the Scale Force path, Buttermere, sustaining head and shoulder injuries. The crew of GNAA H58 flew to a nearby landing site, accessed and treated the casualty and Team Members prepared her for a stretcher evacuation. Coastguard AW189 helicopter R199 made several attempts to access the site to winch the casualty but the increasing cloud and fog thwarted their attempts. The team stretchered the casualty to Buttermere, from where she was taken by road ambulance to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
1924 AprA 25 year-old male fell from his mountain bike in Setmurthy Wood, sustaining head, shoulder, chest and leg injuries. The team treated him at the scene with assistance from an NWAS paramedic crew, then stretchered him to a Coastguard AW189 helicopter R199 from Prestwick. He was transferred to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.
201 MayTeam members took part in a long search in difficult weather conditions, also involving many members from Keswick MRT and Wasdale MRT. A male fell-runner had become separated from his running partner during the afternoon on Leg 4 of the Bob Graham Round route and his partner had descended to Black Sail YHA to raise the alarm.
212 MayThe search for the missing fell-runner resumed at first light, with assistance from Teams from around and beyond the LDSAMRA region. The missing runner was found at about 7.30am and was flown to Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary by Coastguard S92 rescue helicopter R936 from Caenarvon. Unfortunately he did not survive.
225 MayThe Team was called to a 42-year old female walker from the Glasgow area, who had slipped on the path beside Crummock Water and sustained an ankle injury. She was treated at the scene by the Team and the Team Doctor. She was stretchered to High Park, Loweswater then taken by NWAS road ambulance to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven.
236 MayTeam leaders received a call late in the evening regarding an overdue guest at Ennerdale YHA. Whilst the base was being manned the missing female turned up at the YHA.
2410 MayWasdale MRT received a call to assist a male mountain biker, who had fallen from his bike near Black Sail YHA. The call was passed to Cockermouth MRT as it was in our area. It was not possible to get back in touch with the informant. A small number of team members went to the reported location but no trace of the mountain biker could be found.
2514 MayDuring the Team's monthly meeting, a call was received to assist a 70-year old female, cragfast in Warnscale, Buttermere. Team members made their way towards the scene, however the lady had managed to extricate herself and walk down to Gatesgarth Farm.
2617 MayTeam leaders received a call from Honister Slate Mine, when a 50-year old female injured her ankle. She managed to make her own way out of the mine and no further assistance was required from CMRT members.
2719 MayWasdale MRT were alerted when rock fall was reported in the Scoat Fell/Pillar area, with two people injured. The call was then passed to CMRT. GNAA H58 was sent to the scene and airlifted four Cockermouth MRT members for assistance. Coastguard SAR helicopter R199 was also requested from Prestwick. One male casualty had sustained an ankle injury and was airlifted down to Gillerthwaite. One female casualty had sustained minor cuts and walked down to Gillerthwaite with the Team members. The casualties were transferred to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven, using CMRT Sprinter.
2819 MayWhilst the casualties from Callout 27 were being transferred to Gillerthwaite, reports of a 71-year old male with an ankle injury near Blackbeck Tarn, Buttermere were received. Further team members were sent to the scene via Honister and others made their way from Ennerdale. The casualty was treated at the scene, stretchered to Dubs Hut, then driven to Honister Mine. He was then handed over to a NWAS land ambulance for onward transfer to hospital.
295 JunThe team were called when two walkers discovered an uninjured but unresponsive male on the path up Rannerdale Knotts. Sadly he had passed away, so his body was recovered from the fell.
307 JunA walker reported hearing shouts for help from Anglers Crag, Ennerdale. A vehicle wth five Team members on board was sent to Bleach Green, Ennerdale and the party soon met up with a lady who had been shouting for help but had managed to get down by herself.
3112 JunThree Team members rescued two sheep from ledges near Scarth Gap, Buttermere.
3214 JunWasdale MRT requested assistance with a search for a missing 83-year old gentleman, overdue on a walk over the fells on the WMRT/CMRT boundary. An extensive search was mounted in poor weather with further assistance from DFMRT and the Lakes Search Dogs. He was located near Greendale Tarn and walked from the fells back into Wasdale.
3317 JunTwo walkers on the Coast to Coast route become lost in mist near the summit of High Stile and requested assistance. A successful SARLOC was obtained and a small number of Team members went to their location. The walkers were helped down to Gatesgarth, Buttermere and given a lift to their campsite in Borrowdale.
3418 JunThe Team were called to assist NWAS when a 12-year old injured himself near Ling Beck, Seaton. Road and Air Ambulance Crews, Police, CMRT and Security from the Iggesund all attended. The young male was treated at the scene then taken to Hospital.
3525 JunTeam Leaders received reports that a 17-year old male had injured himself in Gasgale Gill, near Lorton. A small party went to assist but his friends managed to walk him out and took him to Keswick Cottage Hospital in their car.
3626 JunA 21 year-old male reported himself lost near Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere. Base was manned and two Team Members went to his reported location but he could not be found. He was later located at the Bridge Hotel, Buttermere.
3728 JunA personal locator beacon was triggered, belonging to a 70-year old male with known health issues, indicating a location near Tongue, Ennerdale. Team members went to the indicated location, found the casualty some 500m from it, treated him at the scene and transported him to Bowness Knott. He was then taken to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven by NWAS land ambulance.
384 JulThe team was contacted by NWAS to provide assistance when a 69-year old male injured himself in Maryport. This was passed to Cumbria Fire and Rescue, who were able to provide the required support.
395 JulA fell-runner was reported overdue by other members of his party, who set off looking for him. It turned out that he had fallen down steep ground near the summit of Haystacks, Buttermere. Unfortunately he did not survive the fall. Team members attended, as did the NWAA and a Coastguard S92 helicopter from Caernarfon. His body was recovered, winched into the rescue helicopter and flown to Gatesgarth Farm.
407 JulTwo walkers asked for assistance in the early morning when they became disorientated and cold near the summit of Haystacks, Buttermere. Three team members went to their location with warm clothing and walked them off to the Dubs Hut, Warnscale then drove them back to their vehicles at Gatesgarth Farm, Buttermere.
4111 JulThree Team members rescued two sheep from ledges near Pillar Rock, Ennerdale.
4214 JulSome more sheep were rescued from High Crag, Buttermere.
4315 JulThe Team were called when a runner, attempting the Joss Naylor Challenge, fell from the ridge between Steeple and Scoat Fell during the night. Team members attended the scene but unfortunately the runner had died from his injuries. Coastguard AW189 rescue helicopter R199 attended from Prestwick but was unable to assist due to thick cloud. His body was recovered and stretchered down into Ennerdale.
4419 JulReports of shouts for help near the via ferrata at Honister mine were received and the Team were called out. When Team members arrived at the mine it was found that the person shouting for help had sorted themself out and left the scene.
4525 JulA 65-year old female fell near the summit of High Stile, Buttermere, injuring her head and fingers. The Team were called out and assisted her back to Buttermere.
4626 JulA 60-year old female fell from a low wall near Crummock Water and was unable to continue walking due to repeatedly feinting. A small number of team members attended the scene and stretchered her back to Scale Hill car park, from where her husband took her to hospital.
4728 JulReports of shouts for help near Pillar Rock, Ennerdale, were received and the Team were called out. Team members located a male near West Waterfall gully, cragfast but uninjured. He was raised back to safe ground and walked back to Team vehicles then given a lift back to his car in Ennerdale Bridge.
486 AugDuring the Team's monthly meeting, a call was received from accomodation in Lorton that a 67-year old male guest was overdue from his walk. It was established that his planned walk was in Keswick MRT's area and passed to them.
497 AugA group were reported overdue from a walk in Buttermere by the wife of one of the party late in the evening. The Team searched likely routes down from High Stile and whilst they were searching the party arrived back at their car in Buttermere. Team members made their way back down whilst the party returned to their accomodation.
5023 AugCockermouth Team members assisted Wasdale and Keswick MRTs with a search for a 12-year old female and her 58-year old grandfather, who were overdue on a walk on Great Gable. During the search, the missing people returned to their campsite, some 10 hours overdue.
5128 AugCockermouth Team members assisted Keswick MRT with evacuation of a 55-year old male with a leg injury from Sprinkling Tarn. He spent the night in his tent and was carried back to Seathwaite in the morning.
5230 AugA group of walkers reported that they had lost contact with one of their party, an 82-year old male, who they had left at Windy Gap, Gable and planned to collect on their return. With daylight fading, Wasdale and Keswick MRTs were alerted a Search and Rescue Helicopter was requested. It became possible to make contact with the missing person on the hill and he reported seeing buildings below him. Keswick Team members located him in Strawberry Gill, Seathwaite and walked him back to the valley.
532 SepA 56-year old female became lost in mist on Haystacks. A small number of team members went to her assistance, located her near Black Beck Tarn and walked her back to a Team vehicle at Dubs Hut, Honister.
5411 SepCockermouth Team members assisted other Teams with a large search for missing persons on Scafell Pike.
5511 SepWhilst returning from Wasdale, a request was received to collect a 42-year old female with badly blistered feet from Black Sail Youth Hostel, Ennerdale. She was collected and brought back to Cockermouth in a Team vehicle then made her own way back to her accomodation by taxi.
5613 SepTeam Leaders received reports of two walkers, lost in Ennerdale. Within half an hour they phoned in having sorted themselves out and no further action was taken.
5714 SepTeam Leaders received reports of a party signalling that they needed help below Whiteless Breast, Newlands. Since most of the Team were training in the Ennerdale valley, a few team members made their way to the scene and Keswick MRT sent a vehicle with equipment to assist if necessary. A search was made but nobody could be located and Team Members stood down.
5816 SepA 30-year old female tripped and sustained a painful back injury below White Pike, Ennerdale. Team members returned to the valley that they had spent all weekend training in and stretchered the casualty back to Team vehicles. From there she was driven to Ennerdale Bridge for onward taxi transport to Wasdale.
5921 SepThe Team were called to assist a young female walker near Coledale Hause. Since this was on the boundary with Keswick MRT's area and it was established that she was able to walk downhill towards Force Crag Mine, this callout was transferred to KMRT to deal with.
6022 SepStaff from Black Sail Youth Hostel, Ennerdale reported seeing flashing lights high on Gable. A small party went to Ennerdale and ascended to where the lights had been seen. On investigation,it turned out to be the lights of some campers and no further action was required.
6126 SepNWAS requested assistance with treating a cyclist who had fallen from his bike high on Newlands Pass, Buttermere. GNAA H58 also attended and flew the injured cyclist to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle.
6227 SepTeam members rescued one sheep from ledges near the via Ferrata on Fleetwith Pike, Honister.
6328 SepA 56-year old male injured his knee near the summit of Red Pike, Buttermere. Team members went to the scene and SAR helicopter R199 attended from Prestwick. The casualty was packaged at the scene and flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
648 OctA 78-year old female slipped and sustained a hip injury on the path between Crummock Water and Buttermere. Team members attended, treated her and transferred her to NWAS road ambulance for transfer to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.
6522 OctA male set off from Buttermere on a circular day walk including walking along the Ennerdale Valley. Further into his walk he became disorientated and asked for assistance with getting back to Buttermere. Hasty Teams located him near Scale Beck, Buttermere and walked him back to Buttermere village.
662 NovA 50-year old male set off to walk from Black Sail Youth Hostel to Ennerdale Youth Hostel via Pillar and completed his walk quicker than expected. He set off for home, leaving a note at the YH indicating that he would not be staying that night but the note was missed and he was reported overdue. He was quickly located by phone and no further action was required.
6710 NovTeam leaders were contacted when two walkers reported themselves lost on the Red Pike-High Stile ridge, Buttermere. They were located by PhoneFind and given directions to walk themselves down to Buttermere.
6811 NovA 74-year old male injured his ankle whilst walking along Moses Trod, Ennerdale. Cockermouth MRT attended and were assisted by members of Wasdale MRT and Keswick MRT who had been at the Great Gable Remembrance Service. He was treated and flown by SAR helicopter R912 from Humberside to Cumberland Infirmary Carlise.
6915 NovA 65-year old female collapsed whilst walking near Buttermere. Team members attended and carried her to a waiting road ambulance at Syke Farm, which took her to West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven.
7018 NovTeam leaders were contacted when a 50-year old male became lost in dark woodland between Lords Seat and Braithwaite. He was quickly located in Keswick MRT's area using PhoneFind and the callout was passed to them.
7124 NovFour walkers heard shouts for help high on Kirk Fell, Ennerdale and found a 36-year old male solo walker who had taken a long tumbling fall and sustained several injuries. Team members attended and treated him. Coastguard S92 SAR helicopter R936 attended from Caenarvon, winched and airlifted the casualty to Preston Hospital.
7225 NovWhilst returning from training in Piers Ghyll, Wasdale, the team were called to assist a 60-year old female who had injured her ankle on the Beck Head-Black Sail path under Kirk Fell, Ennerdale. Coastguard S92 SAR helicopter R936 was in the area and collected team members who assisted the winchman with treatment and evacuating the casualty. She was then flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
732 DecTeam members assisted Cumbria Police with a search for a missing male in the Dearham area.
746 DecTeam members including swiftwater rescue technicians assisted Cumbria Police the ongoing search for a missing male form the Dearham area.
758 DecWhilst preparing for the team's Christmas party, team leaders were contacted when a 46-year old solo male walker became disorientated in cloud on High Crag, Buttermere. He was located using PhoneFind and a small number of team members went to his location and helped him walk off the fell back to Gatesgarth Farm, Buttemere.
7615 DecTwo walkers asked for assistance when they became stuck on icy ground near the summit of Pillar, Ennerdale. Team members made their way to the scene, located them and walked them back down into the Ennerdale valley. A Team Member then drove them back round to their vehicle in Buttermere.
7727 DecTeam Leaders received reports of flashing red lights near Pillar, Ennerdale. However these disappeared when some blue lights joined them and no further action was taken.
7827 DecNWAS contacted Team Leaders regarding the team assisting with recovery of a body and the team were put on standby. However the Police agreed that they could deal with this without our assistance and no further action was taken.
7929 DecA 60-year old female injured her arm near Seat, Buttermere. Team members attended and, with assistance from the crew of Coastguard SAR helicopter R936 from Caernarvon, treated her at the scene. She was carried a short distance to the helicopter and flown to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.