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Incidents 2015

111 JanWhilst out on a training exercise the team was called to help Keswick MRT with a party struggling to get down in the Base Brown area. The party was excorted down by Cockermouth and Keswick team members; all safe and well.
218 JanA lady from Lamplugh collapsed whilst out walking around Crummock lakeshore. Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team were called out and provided medical attention at the scene before carrying the lady to a land ambulance waiting at Scale Hill car park.
37 FebPenrith Assist. Search for missing person in the area of Beacon Plantation. Body of an adult male fitting the description of the missing person discovered by team members searching dense woodland. Scene handed over to Penrith MRT and Police.

Incidents 2014

13 JanCumbria Police asked for assistance in the coastal areas around Silloth and Bowness-on-Solway, which were expected to flood due to a combination of a high tide and strong onshore winds. The team deployed a vehicle and 4 team members to the Silloth area. A number of roads were found to be flooded.
26 JanThe team was called to help a delivery van driver stuck in water on the flooded coast road at Dubmill Point near Allonby. After discussion with the Police, it was agreed that Maryport Inshore Lifeboat would deal with this incident, and the team stood down.
314 JanThe team were called to assist Keswick MRT with a search for a missing 69 year old local woman. A body was located in the River Greta by a swiftwater rescue team.
420 JanThe team was called to assist the Police in the search for a missing 52yr old male in the Lorton area. He was found by the Police in Cockermouth as the team and search dogs were assembling for a search.
522 JanThe team was asked to assist North West Ambulance Service with a climber who had fallen at Head End Quarry (off the A595 towards Carlisle). The crew of the land ambulance managed to transport the casualty to their vehicle without assistance, and so the team was stood down soon after being called.
630 JanThe team was called to assist the Police, Ambulance Service and Fire and Rescue with a car that had skidded on ice on Newlands Hause, and was reported to be balanced over a drop. By the time the team arrived on scene, the occupants had been rescued from the car.
78 FebCumbria Police asked the team to search the river around Cockermouth for a woman in her 80s, missing from her home since 5 Feb. The Team searched from Camerton to Cockermouth Youth Hostel, but nothing found.
89 FebThe Team continued searching the river for the missing person, this time from Workington to Broughton along the river Derwent, and around Cockermouth. The casualty was found and recovered from the river between Broughton and Clifton. Sadly a fatality.
910 FebA 45 year old gentleman from the Cockermouth area slipped and sustained a serious ankle injury whilst out walking on steep and craggy ground below the summit of Rannerdale Knotts near Buttermere. Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team located the casualty and with the help of a paramedic and doctor from the Great North Air Ambulance treated his injuries at the scene. The casualty was then lowered 150m to the valley floor, loaded into the helicopter and transported directly to hospital.
1028 FebThe team were called to assist the Ambulance Service treat and transport a woman who had slipped and broken her leg whilst out running near Caermote Roman fort on the edge of Binsey. The team treated her on scene and carried her a short distance down the hill to the ambulance.
119 MarA group of 4 walkers were reported overdue from a walk over Haystacks, Kirk Fell, Great Gable, and Grey Knotts. The four were contacted and found to be in the Grey Knotts area, walking slowly in the dark into Honister. Arrived safe and well at Honister 1 hour later.
1212 MarTwo women got into difficulties in boggy ground on the Buttermere lakeshore. Following a telephone conversation with the team leader, they were happy to continue their walk and return to their car without assistance from the team.
1312 MarWasdale MRT requested assistance in a search for a missing walker who had set off from Wasdale Headon a walk including Scafell Pike. An extensive search took place involving teams from across the Lake District; a body was reported by a member of the public and recovered by mountain rescue.
1412 MarThe Team was called to locate and assist an elderly male down from Scarth Gap to Buttermere. The casualty was located and evacuated by stretcher to Gatesgarth Farm.
1513 MarThe team was called to search for a 65 year old man who had failed to return from walking his dog near his home in Blennerhasset. The man returned to his home whilst the team were gathering further information, and so no action was required.
1622 MarThe team was called to assist a walker who had injured her ankle the previous day; after spending the night at Black Sail Youth Hostel, it was badly swollen and she was no longer able walk on it. The team treated her and transported her by Landrover to Bowness Knott, where she was transferred to an ambulance.
1726 MarThe Police asked for assistance in a search for a missing person in the Cockermouth area. The Police then obtained further information which indicated that the missing person was no longer in the Cockermouth area, and the team stood down.
1829 MarThe team were called to search for man in his 60s who had failed to return from a walk on Blencathra the previous day. Keswick MRT had searched the main paths in the dark, and requested assistance from ourselves, Penrith team and the RAF (MRT and Sea King helicopter) to conduct a more detailed search in the daylight. A body was located by Keswick MRT members to the north of Sharp Edge, Blencathra
195 AprA 68 year old male walker fell on the descent into Warnscale sustaining a dislocated shoulder. He was treated at the scene by 4 team doctors and the Great North Air Ambulance doctor, then stretchered down to the waiting helicopter.
209 AprThe team was called to a 21 year old woman from Canterbury who had collapsed near the top of Scarth Gap pass whilst on the second day of a backpacking trip. She was assessed by the paramedic from the Great North Air Ambulance, and then walked off the hill by the team.
2115 AprA walker reported that a dog, thought to be on the fell above Angler's Crag, had been barking all day. One team member went for a walk over Angler's Crag and Crag Fell to investigate, but couldn't hear or find any sign of the dog.
2216 AprA female walker was reported significantly overdue on a walk around Ennerdale Water and over Iron Crag. The team suggested her husband take a short drive along the roads between Ennerdale Water and Ennerdale Bridge, and he successfully located her walking back along the road.
2318 AprA 51 year old solo walker from Suffolk became cragfast on Pillar Rock as he descended from the top of Pillar. The Team located him in a precarious position on the west face. They rigged ropes and lowered a team member to him, from where he was rescued onto safer ground.
2419 AprA 51 year old walker fell close to Windy Gap sustaining a fracture wrist. Incident found to be in Keswick MRT's area and dealt with by them.
2528 AprCockermouth team was called to assist Wasdale MRT in a search for a male last seen in the Ravenglass Estuary. A search took place involving helicopters, coastguard and mountain rescue. After an extensive search he had not been located.
2628 AprFive 15 year olds on an expedition failed to turn up at their planned campsite in Buttermere. They turned up very soon after the Team was being mobilised.
2729 AprMan and daughter overdue from walk in Buttermere area. Intended route Grasmoor via Crag Hill. Located by team members above Gasgale Gill footpath below Whin Ben.
2830 AprA male walker contacted the Team by mobile phone after a fall which badly injured his knee cap. His position was determined as near Great Round How. Cockermouth & Keswick Teams responded. He was evacuated from the scene by RAF helicopter rescue 131 and taken to Carlisle hospital.
298 MayReport of a male in a party of 4 trapped by a fallen rock and with a broken leg near the summit of Pillar, Ennerdale. The Team located his position near the summit. He was lowered in the dark on a stretcher to a suitable landing site out of the cloud. Once below the cloud a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer winched casualty from scene at 0005hrs and was flown to Carlisle hospital.
3014 MayTwo walkers in their 20s from Birmingham called for help when they became lost on steep ground on High Crag. They were located by the team and walked safely off the hill.
3115 MayThe team was called to assist Keswick MRT (along with other Lakes teams) in the search for a 67 year old solo walker overdue from a walk the previous day in the Scafell area. 12 team members attended, searching the area around Great Gable. Unfortunately his body was eventually found in Piers Gill on Scafell Pike.
3218 MayA male fellwalker from Cumbria injured him ankle whilst descending from High Crag, Buttermere. He was treated at the scene by a team doctor and then helped down the fellside to a team vehicle.
3318 MayA 67 year old man from Cumbria collapsed on the cycleway near Winder and Frizington. The team was called to assist the land and air ambulance in treating the casualty, and then transporting him to a site where he could be loaded in the helicopter. He was then flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
3425 MayA 9 year old boy from Northamptonshire became detached from his family group whilst walking on Carling Knott, Loweswater. He was found by High Nook Farm with his grandparents. The rest of his family walked back down to meet up at the Kirkstile Inn.
356 JunThe Police asked the team to use SARLOC to attempt to locate a mobile phone that had made a number of silent 999 calls in the Lorton area. The owner of the phone made contact with the team when he came back into mobile phone reception - he had been walking all day with his phone in his pocket, and was unaware he had been making emergency calls. He was fit and well and required no assistance!
367 JunThe team was called to assist with a fell runner who had injured his knee on an organised event near Black Sail Youth Hostel in Ennerdale. The team responded to the call, but by the time they arrived, the event organisers had transported the injured man to meet the ambulance at Bowness Knott Car Park.
3711 JunThe Police received reports that a male had entered Ennerdale water, and might be in difficulties, and so asked the team to deploy a swiftwater rescue team to the area. On further investigation, it turned out the man was not in the water, and the team was stood down.
3819 JunSome walkers discovered an abandoned rucksack on the Buttermere lakeshore near the bottom of Scarth Gap pass, and were concerned for its owner's welfare. Before long, a man arrived at Gatesgarth farm reporting he had lost his rucsack. The two were successfully reunited!
3921 JunA 72 woman turned her ankle on the path near Scale Force, Buttermere, and was unable to walk. She was treated at the scene by the Team and flown by air ambulance to hospital in Carlisle.
4021 JunWhilst the team were still in Buttermere from the previous incident, Keswick Mountain Rescue Team requested assistance evacuating a 50 year old woman with an injured knee from Gillercombe Head. She was treated at the scene, and transported to Honister to meet up with her friends.
4122 JunA 23 year old local man fell approximately 200 feet whilst scrambling on Grasmoor Front. He landed on a ledge halfway up Grasmoor Front from where he was inaccessible to his friends. The Team located him on a small ledge where he was treated for multiple injuries by two Team doctors before being winched into a Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer and flown to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.
4226 JunTwo walkers from Merseyside became cragfast near the north summit of Melbreak. The Team accessed their location and assisted them with walking back down the path.
4329 JunA 16 year old male walking the coast to coast became separated from his aunt, and phoned for help after he failed to find her after a number of hours. The 16 year old was located near the summit of Red Pike, and his aunt was found near Black Sail Youth Hostel. They were both walked off the hill, and were reunited in Buttermere.
442 JulA climber on Buckstone How took a long leader fall and sustained head and other injuries. He was initially treated on the crag by a team doctor, before being lowered to the ground and transported a short distance to where he could be winched into a RAF Sea King helicopter. He was flown to hospital in Newcastle.
452 JulMale in his 70's collapsed near Peggy's Bridge on Buttermere lake shore. He was assessed by a Team doctor and transferred by land ambulance to hospital in Carlisle.
463 JulA woman tripped and injured her head on the Buttermere lake shore. She was assessed by the Air Ambulance doctor, then walked by the team to a land ambulance at Gatesgarth Farm.
479 JulTwo sheep stuck on Gable Crag. Successfully rescued.
4814 JulTwo brothers became stuck on High Crag when the weather closed in. They were soon joined by another two of walkers. The team established their position using the gps in their mobile phone, found them on High Crag and escorted them down to Gatesgarth.
4922 JulMale walker from USA staying at Black Sail Youth Hostel suffering from breathing difficulties. He was transported by team vehicle to a land ambulance and taken to West Cumberland Hospital.
5024 JulMale with knee injury, unable to walk at Black Sail Youth Hostel. Picked up by M1 and transported to CMRT base. Casualty (a C2C walker) made own way to Borrowdale.
5124 JulA 57 year old man from London became stuck on ledge above Crummock whilst out for a walk. He was located by the Team and made safe before being lowered to safe ground. The Team then walked him back to High Park from where he was transported to Buttermere village. This was the Team's second call out of the day having just returned from dealing with a man from Whistler, Canada, on the Coast to Coast walk with a knee injury; at Black Sail Youth Hostel in Ennerdale.
5228 JulFell walker heard shouts for help from Chapel Crags, Buttermere. Found to be farmer gathering sheep on the fellside.
533 AugA male walker in his 60s was out walking with a large group when he slipped on the footpath beside Scale Force, falling 3m and sustaining a head injury. He was located by the team, treated on scene and evacuated by RAF Sea king helicopter from Boulmer to Carlisle hospital.
5423 AugMale reported missing whilst swimming in Crummock Water. Team stood down whilst in the process of responding after being advised that swimmer had been safely located.
5524 AugA 71 year old lady from Lancashire sustained an ankle injury whilst descending into Mosedale from Mellbreak. Members of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team treated the lady at the scene and then stretchered her to a team vehicle so that she could be transported the rest of the way out of the valley. After a discussion with the team doctor and attending ambulance crew it was agreed that the lady could be taken by her family to a hospital closer to home.
5625 AugA male walker was reported with an ankle injury on Buttermere Moss. Members of Cockermouth Team attended and stretchered the casualty down to Newlands Hause area. He was taken by a Team vehicle to Buttermere to meet a road ambulance and then was transported on to Whitehaven hospital.
5728 AugThe team was called to a female who had fallen on the Scarth Gap path and suffered a severe gash to her head. She was treated on the scene by a doctor and nurse who were out walking in the area, and whilst the team were gathering further information, we were informed that she had already been helped to walk out to Gatesgarth Farm.
5831 AugMother & Daughter overdue at Scafell Hotel, Rosthwaite. Doing CtoC2 in Party Coast -to- Coast Overdue
592 SepThe team was called to a 27 year old male walker with chest pains on Red Pike, Buttermere. The team was airlifted by the Air Ambulance to assist with his evacuation to Carlisle Infirmary.
603 SepTwo Coast to Coast walkers from the USA became lost between Haystacks and Honister. They contacted their accommodation by mobile phone who in turn reported them lost. They were located by Team members, from GPS co-ordinates from their Tablet device and by identifying their lights on the hill. They were then walked to a Team vehicle and driven to their accommodation.
617 SepRequest from Cumbria Police to recover a potential male suicide found by a passing dog walker. Body recovered.
628 SepA 76 year old male became unwell near Woodhouse, Buttermere. Team members treated him at the scene and walked him to an ambulance waiting nearby.
6311 SepA 70 year old woman tripped on the path whilst walking on the south shore of Ennerdale Water. Although conscious throughout she sustained a minor head injury and was suffering from blurred vision. A doctor and paramedic from the GNAA treated the lady at the scene. Eventually the casualty was able to stand and with the support of team members managed to walk to a team Landrover. The team then provided transport back to her car at Bowness Knot. After consultation with the doctor from the air ambulance it was decided that the lady was well enough to be transported on to hospital by her husband.
6427 SepThe team was called to two people stuck near the West Waterfall on Pillar. They were assisted to safer ground protected by a rope, and then walked off the hill.
654 OctThe team was called by the Police to search for a missing 59 year old male from Wigton. Searching areas around the town and Waverton found nothing by nightfall.
665 OctThe team was called again by the Police to search for a missing 59 year old male from Wigton. Members of Cockermouth MRT, Penrith MRT, SARDA Lakes were ready to start searching out from Wigton when the Police confirmed he had been located.
678 OctA woman in her 30s slipped and broke her leg on the Buttermere lakeshore path. She was treated at the scene and carried a short distance across the fields to an ambulance, which transported her to West Cumberland Hospital.
684 NovTwo fell walkers from the West Midlands reported as lost in the area of High Stile. The missing walkers were contacted by mobile phone and their exact location confirmed using SARLOC. SARLOC was then used to track their progress as they were guided down to Buttermere via Red Pike and Bleaberry Tarn. As the walkers were without torches a small group of team members went to assist with the final stage of their journey.
6917 NovThe team was called by Keswick Mountain Rescue Team to help with one of two callouts they were dealing with - a mountain biker who had fallen and suffered a chest injury on Ullock Pike. He was located and treated by the team, and carried a short distance to the Great North Air Ambulance. He was flown to RVI, Newcastle.
7023 NovA walker from Warwickshire became crag fast whilst walking on Rannerdale Knotts. Members of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue located the cragfast person and guided them down to the safety of the valley floor.
716 DecTwo fell walkers from Hull became disorientated in thick cloud and bad weather whilst walking along the Red Pike High Stile ridge. Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team identified the exact location of the missing persons using SARLOC. Team members located the fell walkers just off the summit of High Stile and walked them to the safety of Buttermere Village where they were staying.
7214 DecMissing Person in the area of the Slag Banks in Workington. The team assembled and were in the process of deploying when the police confirmed that the missing person had been located.
7315 DecA car went off the Whinlatter to Lorton Road part way down Blaze Beck gorge. Fire and Rescue called the Team to assist with search and rescue. The injured driver of the car was transported by ambulance to hospital.
7421 DecA hill walker from Cleator became disorientated whilst walking between Buttermere and Ennerdale in the area of Gale Fell. Fortunately the gentleman had good mobile phone signal and was able to contact the police. Nineteen members of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team and search dogs from the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs association searched the footpaths and fells between Buttermere and Ennerdale and eventually located the missing men in the vicinity of Gale Fell. Team members escorted him back down into the valley.
7526 DecA 70 year old walker from France slipped on the descent from Whiteless Pike sustaining a fracture-dislocation of the ankle. Sixteen team members attended; he was treated by the team doctor and NW Air Ambulance crew, then flown to the Cumberland Infirmary.
7630 DecThe Team was called in response to shouts for help heard by walkers on the Buttermere-Crummock path. One person was thought to be crag-fast. The party managed to find a way down before the full team was called out.