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Fund-raising at local shows

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We are a charity, financed totally by voluntary donations. Our vehicles, equipment, training and base cost us around £85,000 per year, every year!

Members take part in a variety of fund-raising events e.g. slide shows, local events. We also have a large number of collecting boxes that are supported by local shops and businesses.

Some of our expensive team equipment


Just Giving Link

Or, donate on the Charities Aid Foundation website, enter 'Cockermouth Mountain Rescue' in the 'Find a charity' search box (not in the site search top right)

Or, print a copy of our bankers order/gift aid form to complete and post.


You can support the Team by leaving a legacy in your Will. A gift from you will have an enormous impact, helping the Team to help more people, for years to come.

A legacy will cost you nothing in your lifetime. It may even reduce inheritance tax on your estate because legacies to charities are tax free.

Download our 'Leaving a legacy' leaflet

Cockermouth MRT - Leave a legacy
Some of our expensive team equipment

Contact details

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team
PO Box 73
CA13 3AE
Message on 01900 822715 or 07841 370651